The anti-Corbyn smears continue


Net and Trump

Netanyahu: Thanks for your support bro. We’ve gotta stop that commie, Corbyn


The anti-Corbyn smears continue.

The Jewish Labour Movement are threatening to resign from the Labour Party.

There’s a surprise!

This organisation is part of the current virulently anti-Corbyn cabal which includes the Jewish Leadership Council, the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Labour Movement.

United with them in the aim of slandering Corbyn are Blairite Labour MPs, especially the 70-plus of them in Labour Friends of Israel, which is no more critical of Israel’s Netanyahu-led government and its killings in Gaza than is the right-wing Blairite Israeli Labour Party.

And are those joint Arab/Israeli demonstrations against Netanyahu’s racist nationality laws in Israel itself anti-semitic?

No! This is a movement of the Arab/Israeli working class against the right-wing Capitalist policies of Netanyahu, a dyed-in-the wool Tory free-marketer whose policies mirror those of Trump and May.

It’s these purveyors of lies and distortion who stand condemned, not Corbyn

Youth challenges threat to our planet


It was my privilege, on behalf of the MPA, to address the magnificent schools demo against the desecration of the planet by the profiteers, aided and abetted by the political climate change deniers.

The spirit and dedication of the hundreds of young people was an inspiration to all who attended.

The young speakers demonstrated a level of understanding which belies the establishment critics of this campaign who claim they are acting irresponsibly by missing their lessons. The irresponsible people are those who deny climate change is happening or those who pay lip-service to it but in practice do nothing, like the present government and their predecessors.

The leaders of our movement should take a leaf out of the book of these young people and start campaigning seriously, with enthusiasm and determination, for a programme of action to create the conditions for a general election. Then a Corbyn-led government can take serious steps to deal with this existential threat to our planet.

One banner on the demo encapsulated the spirit of the campaign, it said: ‘We stand for the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren’. That sums up the spirit and ethos of the Merseyside Pensioners Association.

I must pay tribute to the organisers of the demo whose impeccable preparation guaranteed safety, excellent communications, and effective loud speaker equipment. We can all learn lessons from this incredible movement.


‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred.’ ‘The Press has power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.’


Facts? I’m King Murdoch. Facts are what I say they are!


‘Comment is free, but facts are sacred.’ Wrote C P Scott of the Manchester Guardian in 1921.
These fine sentiments, expressed by a pillar of the establishment, which Scott was and who saw value in Zionism, nevertheless contained an integrity which has long been ground into the mud by a bigoted, prejudiced, feral pro-capitalist media, who ruthlessly uses its dominance of news outlets to prolong the rule and increase the wealth of the capitalist class currently represented by May and her thieves kitchen.
In 1931, Stanley Baldwin, ironically a Tory prime minister who had upset some powerful newspaper owners whose aim was to replace him with someone more pliable, declared:
‘Their methods are direct falsehoods, misrepresentation, half-truths, the alteration of the speaker’s meaning by publishing a sentence apart from the context…What the proprietorship of these papers is aiming at is power, and power without responsibility – the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages.”
Since then the Press has degenerated beyond any thing so described.
Today’s media outlets have poisoned today’s political discourse with a ferocity against which the criticism of Baldwin pales into insignificance. Centre stage are the false accusations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. Any serious evaluation of the right wing character of Zionism, or criticism of the Israeli State killing machine, or even a mild suggestion that perhaps Israel could be seen to be a racist state, is deemed the most heinous form of anti-Semitism.
Of those attacking Corbyn, Dame Hodge springs to mind. Using foul language, unacceptable in any serious political discourse, this charming lady screamed at Jeremy Corbyn ‘you are a f…… racist’. If these remarks had been directed at her by JC or one of his supporters, if not publicly hanged, the media would have screamed for their immediate expulsion, and the ‘left dominated’ NEC would have rushed to oblige.
Instead, this foul-mouthed dame is lionised by the same media and afforded generous air time to peddle her phoney charges of anti-Semitism against Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, with fulsome support from a toxic anti-socialist amalgam which includes Progress’s (a party within a party?) John Mann, who is driven by an apparent manic obsession with expelling Labour Party members with whom he may disagree, supported by Tom Watson who believes that any LP organisation expresses a view with which he disagrees should be closed down.
The BBC ‘flagship’ Newsnight programme has long abandoned the sentiments expressed by CP Scott. To watch presenter, Torquemada Kirsty Wark, in full anti-Corbyn mode is a sight to behold, with her gimlet-like eyes fixed on her prey, holding a sheaf of phoney examples ‘proving’ that the Labour Party is rife with anti-Semites. Unfortunately, Labour representatives subject to this interrogation, instead of rejecting the charges usually agree that there is a ‘problem’ and protest that they have put ‘robust’ systems in place at a huge cost to the Party to root out the anti-Semites. So far this has included Jewish comrades who dare to criticise the barbaric murder of the Netenyahu killing machine whose snipers gun down unarmed men, women and children, who are protesting at the appalling conditions they are forced to endure on the West Bank which is akin to an open prison.
The anti-Corbyn amalgam is comprised of the capitalist Press with Murdoch and the Mail leading the slavering pack, but it also includes those allegedly ‘sympathetic to Labour’ the Guardian and the Daily Mirror; the audio and TV outlets, with the BBC playing a role no different to the Murdoch-controlled outlets. These platforms are made available to any one of the 172 Blairites in the PLP whose eager fangs are forever ready to close on Jeremy Corbyn’s windpipe.
Labour spokespersons when confronted with these phoney charges of anti-Semitism so far have fallen in to the trap set for them. Instead of going on the offensive, they accept them and bend over backward to apologise, and then throw the insatiable witch-hunt machine a sacrifice in the vein hope that the appetite of the beast will be satisfied. The opposite is the outcome. They will never accept anything less than the crushing of Corbyn and the policies he espouses and on which he was re-elected as leader, and they are emboldened with each retreat by the Labour leadership.
For instance, a Labour spokesperson was recently interviewed on the BBC ‘flagship’ Today programme. Grand inquisitor John Humphreys quoted Margaret Hodge as complaining that the atmosphere in her LP branch was ‘toxic’, implying that Hodge was the victim of anti-Semitic sentiments. Instead of simply answering that it was Hodge’s baleful dismissal of rank and file opinion which had created the ‘toxic’ atmosphere, he immediately declared this unacceptable and he would look into it. Thus accepting that it wasn’t Hodge that was the problem, but it was the Corbyn-supporting Party members. This readiness to conduct themselves in terms dictated by the anti-Corbyn amalgam leads to retreat and could fatally wound Corbyn if it continues.
It is time for a calm, sober assessment of the character of the deranged ongoing witch-hunt. Jeremy’s leadership body should issue a statement confirming that there is indeed a strategy, plan or conspiracy, call it what you will, of forces hostile to socialism, who are poisoning all political discourse with the specific objective of destroying Corbyn, confusing the mass of working people, and deflecting their attention from the ongoing and ferocious implementation of the most savage programme of austerity any government has implemented since the National/Tory government of 1931.
It’s not too late for Jeremy Corbyn supporters to go on the offensive. The time to start is now.

Daily Mail – a fascist-loving rag

The fascist-supporting rag failed to mention that Hitler achieved this ‘victory’, two years after being manoeuvred into power by Hindenburg. In the two years that followed a reign of terror was unleashed on the German working class or any organisation which resisted the fascist juggernaut.  He murdering or sent to concentration camps all trade union leaders, socialists, CP members, shop stewards, and any one in a leading position in the Labour movement, or any independent organisation, rendering the working class leaderless. The Holocaust then followed which this rag should bear a heavy reasonability for.

He crushed all opposition, then went to the polls with fascist thugs outside every polling station armed to the teeth telling people which way to vote.

He had total control of the media with which his propaganda minister Goebbels who, in the absence of any alternative voice, applied his technique of ‘the bigger the lie – the more it is believed’.

It is to their eternal credit that, under those circumstances, 2 million Germans stood out and voted against Hitler. It is also a matter of record that Hitler never achieved more than 37% of the vote in free elections.

If the Labour Movement would have been united in their opposition to Hitler he could have been stopped in his tracks.

Thanks to Dave Williams for digging up this poisonous piece of Daily Mail history.

Watson – the smug assassin

watson marr pic

We can’t have members exercising their rights. They’ll be calling for my removal as deputy leader next.

Tom Watson appeared on the Andrew Marr show exuding the self-satisfaction of one who knows he is supported by the establishment in his hostility to the principles Jeremy Corbyn espouses, and to Party members who attempt to apply basic democratic procedures.
He attacked the good members of Wavertree Labour Party with a reckless abandon straight from the witch-hunting school of the crazed US senator Joe McCarthy, which bequeathed the word ‘McCarthyism’ to the English dictionary. The definition of McCarthyism is ‘the practice of making accusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence. It also means ‘the practice of making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.’
He invoked the vile attacks on Ms Berger by fascist thugs who were jailed for their criminal activities, as he did the murder of Joe Cox by a far-right fanatic and, by implication, linked these monstrosities to the stance of Wavertree Party members, frequently interspersing the word ‘bullying’ or ‘bullied’. Watson, the arch-bully, failed to mention that Wavertree members condemned these racist attacks and had frequently physically demonstrated against them.
Wavertree members might consider seeking legal advice regarding taking action against Watson for his accusations.
It was good to see them hit back with the statement ‘We strongly reject the media inaccuracies and the accusations of political bullying, for simply adhering to party rules and doing our jobs. Furthermore, we as an executive have always and continue now to express total solidarity with Luciana as a victim of misogyny and of antisemitism – coming mostly from the far right. Our chair is himself Jewish and the suggestion that the CLP executive is in any way a party to bullying and antisemitism is a false and slanderous accusation.’
All honest and decent Party members will support them in standing firm and not be deflected from a course of action which is consistent with the finest democratic traditions of the Liverpool labour movement which held sway before Kinnock paved the way for the Blairisation of Labour.
Watson clarified his proposed call for action against Wavertree by saying he wanted its suspension not closure. These days, is there a difference?
In Watson’s world this attack is a method of sending a message to all Corbyn-supporting party branches that he and his cohorts will not brook any attempt to remove the 172 Blairite MPs who are desperate to be re-elected to what they consider is a job for life, so they can continue to sabotage the socialist aspirations of a Corbyn-led government and who will, no doubt, brief against Corbyn during the election campaign itself.
I’d like to see my old mate Lennie McCluskey make a public statement condemning Watson, and defending the right, indeed the responsibility, of party organsiations to hold their MPs to account.
Again, the urgent need for the launch of trigger ballots in all Party organisations is given emphasis by this performance of Watson and the forces which stand behind him.

Tom Watson – a sinister tendency!

Tom Watson

‘Democracy? What’s that? If I don’t approve of their views I’ll close them down!’

Tom Watson displays an ominous authoritarian tendency.
Because Wavertree Labour Party posted a resolution expressing an opinion on their sitting MP, in accordance with elementary practice of accountability and freedom of expression, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, Tom Watson, reportedly has called for Wavertree to be ‘closed down’.
This is the same Mr Watson who has praised the virtues of Blairism and attacked Jeremy Corbyn from public platforms. As well as using the Party Conference platform to pillory Corbyn for some imagined transgression.
Naturally he has received fulsome praise from the media, who have lovingly repeated his every criticism of Corbyn and of the new membership who have flooded into the Party since Corbyn was elected leader. He is on record as describing them as a bunch of Trots and Militants who have twisted the arms of half a million members to force them to support socialist policies.
It is not certain how many new members Mr Watson has actually recruited, I would imagine very few as his energies seem to be concentrated on expelling members rather than building the Party.
His latest demand to gag members who wish to express an opinion on the performance of their elected representative is breath-taking in its arrogance and reveals a profound ignorance of the basic tenets of democracy.
Most seriously, it a reveals disturbing tendency to authoritarianism which, in the psyche of the deputy leader, should cause the membership deep concern.
I would suggest that every defender of the rights of the Party members should flood the Labour and Trade Union structures condemning Watson’s stance.
I also believe that the Party has passed the time when ‘votes of no confidence’ in MPs are relevant, as the Blairites MPs who continue to colonise the PLP have long revealed their true colours.
It is time for every Party organisation to invoke the trigger ballot so that the membership can select the candidate who they believe is suitable in preparation for the General Election which could be called soon.
The longer this is delayed, the more it will allow the Party bureaucracy to claim that it is ‘too late’ to go through a selection procedure, and we will face the appalling prospect of going into a general election with the 172 ‘Labour’ anti-Corbyn MPs as sitting candidates.
Remember while the waffling goes on, May and her gang continue to inflict the most grievous hardship on those in our society least able to defend themselves.
The priority must be to get her out and field a team of Labour candidates who are prepared to fight for their class with the same determination that the Tories fight for their class.
Trigger ballots NOW!


More on Venezuela


The murderer Dictator Pinochet

An answer to the suggestion that it is inappropriate to criticise Maduro when the capitalist hyenas are circling to impose a dictatorship on Venezuela.

I’m all in favour of building international solidarity against a coup in Venezuela, but the absence of constructive criticism was fatal in hiding the true danger in Chile in 1973 from the forces of reaction led by the gangster US CIA  who, with their allies, sabotaged all attempts by Salvador Allende to carry out policies in the interests of the working class.

In 1973, when it was clear that Allende was on course to win the elections, the military, led by the murderer Pinochet, staged one of the most vicious coups in history, when thousands were tortured and murdered by the dictatorship.

Remember the statement by Communist Party leader Luis Corvalan, days before the coup and murder of Allende, he said: ‘We respect the professional stance of the armed forces in their professional defence of Chilean democracy.’

Allende actually brought the murderous General Pinochet (below) into his cabinet under the tragic illusion that he would protect him, when he was the chief instigator of his murder.

Similarly Maduro’s reliance on the military – which is an arm of capitalism – can lead to fatal consequences.

We do a disservice to the working class not to highlight the lessons of history.

Venezuela – a weapon for the Tories


Venezuela – a weapon for the Tories
The Venezuelan catastrophe is being weaponised by the usual anti-Corbyn cabal who falsely describe it as another failed socialist experiment. It is not socialism that has failed. Had socialism been carried through in Venezuela at the height of the mass movement following the failed coup against Chávez in 2002, the outcome could have been different.
Chavez defeated the coup and received support from the mass of Venezuelans and implemented reforms in their interests. But his failure to nationalise the banks, the oil reserves and other key sectors meant the capitalists could sabotage Chavez’s programme. In addition, democratic control and participation of the working class in running society were absent. Hugo developed a personality cult with himself as the supreme policy maker.
Maduro is a grotesque imitation of Chavez, and, despite his pompous declarations about socialism and revolution, his policy consists of using the state and party apparatus to manage capitalism, but it’s the Venezuelans who should hold him to account, not Jeremy Hunt, the butcher of the NHS, Trump, or Brazil’s Bolsonaro who rushed to recognise the unelected Guaidó. as president and, with breath-taking hypocrisy, they condemn the Maduro government while selling arms to the most bloodthirsty dictators on the planet. This, while unleashing another outrageous smear against Corbyn.
The Labour Movement needs to mobilise to defend Corbyn, demand a general election, and emphatically reject the charge that Venezuela is a consequence of socialism.

Dawn Butler MP upsets the Blairites

Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler

Labour MP Dawn Butler stirred opinion when she paid a glowing tribute to ‘law-breaking by Liverpool’s Militant Tendency in 1984’.
“Conference, we are in Liverpool where over 30 years ago the council stood up to Thatcher and said-better to break the law than break the poor,” she said in a speech at Labour’s women’s conference.
This recognition of the courageous stance of the 47 surcharged councillors received condemnation from a totally predictable source and serves to underline the truth of Dawn’s comments.
From Sky News: ‘Ms Butler’s comments, loudly cheered by her audience, were immediately condemned by the Labour peer Baroness Thornton, who was awarded a peerage by Tony Blair, later served as a junior minister and is now an opposition front bencher in the Lords.’
Hear the facts: Tony Mulhearn, surcharged councillor and past President of the Liverpool District Labour Party, is speaking on the Council Struggle to defend the city from Thatcherism. Tuesday, 25 September at 7.30pm at the Casa, Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BQ.

With friends like these….


‘One bully actually asked me to “come on board”. I was so traumatised I didn’t sleep for a week.’

Amid the outpouring of outrage and grief from the media-driven anti-Corbyn amalgam at Frank Field’s long-overdue departure it was refreshing to see plenty of posts describing the sainted Frankie’s true agenda.
This was in sharp contrast to Joe Riley’s Liverpool Echo piece which read like a composite editorial of the Daily Mail, Scum, et al, who, when it suites them, define democratic accountability as ‘bullying’. Incidentally, I wonder how many members of Field’s constituency are known to Joe.
The portrait of Field as the sainted defender of the poor is totally false. After the banker-induced crash he asserted that the only solution was savage cuts in public services, with the pensioners accepting their share as they, according to Frankie, prosper at the expense of the young. He doesn’t mention that British pensions are the second lowest in the EU.
When he said ‘We will have to cut our living standards’, did he mean the 1% who control 50% of the wealth in Britain, or the CEO’s in the banks and industry whose income increased 100-fold under Frank’s adored New Labour? And increased even further under his much-admired Tory party.
Unfortunately, instead of celebrating his departure, our good comrade John McDonnel describes him as a good friend. I would say to John, with friends like that you don’t need an enemy agent in Labour’s ranks who is part of the right-wing alliance determined to crush you, Jeremy, and the ideas you espouse. Instead of trying to change his mind you should call on his mates to join him.

Duplicitous to the end, he doesn’t honestly confess that he had been rumbled by a fresh membership, but uses the excuse of the phoney anti-Semitism charges against Corbyn to justify his jumping ship.